About Us

Quick Print T's is a Printing Company that was officially established this year.
The company is owned and operated by Marcus A. Jennings.
"I was introduced to printing apparel through learning the art form of screen printing. It was initially a way to create and produce my own ideas. As time went on people started asking if I would make shirts for them so I decided to set up a formal way for people to solicit my services."
-Marcus Jennings
Owner and Operator
Our approach to every opportunity is to provide as many services as we can to make the process simple for you.
We have the capability to print multi-color designs on any type of apparel including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.
We have a streamline process which includes in-house graphic designers that can assist you in the process of turning your idea in to a reality.
We cater to everyone from SCHOOLS and CLUBS to BUSINESSES and CLOTHING COMPANIES